Exclusive First Listen: SassyBlack, “Depression”

We’ve been fond of the work of musical polyglot SassyBlack ever since we heard her previous band, the cosmic jazz/hip-hop duo THEESatisfaction, and their still out-of-this-world debut album awE naturalE. Sadly, that group didn’t last, but SassyBlack wasted no time getting back into the game. On September 13th, she’ll release her highly-anticipated new album, Ancient Mahogany Gold. To tide you over, we’re excited to share with you an exclusive taste of that album, in the form of “Depression.”

Let’s let SassyBlack describe the song for you:

“I made Depression during one of the saddest, most depressing times of my life. I was going through a circle change. My friends and life were changing faster than I could grasp. While at Hedgebrook, an all women’s writing retreat, I freed myself. I wrote, freestyled, produced and sang out my pain. The result was surprisingly upbeat. I felt relieved. I enjoyed the message from within me from the universe. A code, a cure. This mantra came to me, dance, feel, heal, repeat. Simple, yet complex. It stayed with me, bouncing off the walls of my soul. Years later, out of my depression and into a healthier head space, I felt the need to complete it and finally release its stronghold on me. I gained respect for my depressive state. With depression, I felt everything and nothing. Without depression, I couldn’t appreciate the love I have for living. Outside of depression, I am constantly practicing gratitude and a healthy process of self love and care”.



Preorder Ancient Mahogany Gold here: https://sassyblack.bandcamp.com

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