Song Of The Day: Jeff Buckley, “Dream Brother” (Live In Chicago)

Twenty-five years ago today, doomed singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley released his lone solo album, Grace. Modestly received commercially and critically regarded as a promising debut, Buckley drowned May 28, 1997 in Tennessee whist in the beginning stages of his second album, tentatively known as My Sweetheart The Drunk. In the years since, Grace has been rightfully recognized as a masterpiece. To celebrate this album’s anniversary, his back catalogue as well as a handful of live shows are receiving a digital-only release, including his Cabaret Metro performance in May 1995, which was originally released in 2000 as Live In Chicago.  One of the finest performances from that set is the haunting album closer, “Dream Brother,” oft interpreted as being about his absent father Tim Buckley, whist in fact being a letter of advice to his friend and former roommate, Fishbone‘s Christopher Dowd, about whom you shall shortly be reading…

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