Song Of The Day: Janet Jackson, “Nasty (Cool Summer Mix)”

Even though the start of her musical career didn’t quite yield the dividends one must have expected, Janet Jackson‘s first two modestly-received and somewhat anodyne albums offered no hint of the grand slam, third-time’s-a-charm 1986 album Control. It was an amazing album that showed she was just as talented as her older brother Michael, and it was no surprise that it was a worldwide success, especially thanks to the smash hit single, “Nasty.” Recently, A&M released  expanded reissue of a non-US compilation album, Control: The Remixes.

Control offers up both sides of a special 12″ remix of “Nasty” called the “Cool Summer Mix,” with this version split into two parts.  Now, the remix itself isn’t particularly notable–this version is actually quite tame and mellow (hence the “cool summer” moniker, I presume), but it is pleasant enough, and part two incorporates some of Janet’s other hits, so it’s not one monotonous version.

But it’s not for the quality of the remix that we enjoy it. reminded us of an old college pal, a rather hilarious radio DJ who was well-loved for his musical passion and for his sardonic personality. This friend of mine–and he wasn’t the only one who did so, I would come to find out–had programmed parts one and two into one contiguous track, making for a nice eighteen minute block of music. He would us it infrequently–once every few weeks or so–but then it started to become a regular fixture in his setlist. One day we were visiting, and I mentioned the song. I asked him if it was that popular of a request, and he just looked at me for a second, and then broke into laughter.

“Naw, baby, it’s not like that,” he said with his trademark grin. “You gotta do what you gotta do if you need a shit, smoke, snort, suck, or screw, and you would, too!”


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