Song Of The Day: The Muffs, “Sad Tomorrow”

We have been absolutely heartbroken at the news of the sudden passing of The Muffs frontwoman Kim Shattuck. She was a pure fireball of punk rock energy, and possessed a wicked sense of humor that belied her intelligence. Case in point: when I interviewed her about their album Blonder & Blonder for The Recoup a few years back, she used the word “commonalities.” But she denied that she would use that, accusing yours truly (jokingly, of course) that I had cleaned up her thoughts to make her sound smarter, as she would never use such a word as that–too intelligent! I insisted otherwise; I went back to listen to the interview and shared the clip of her using it. “Oh,” she told me with a laugh, “guess that was a momentary lapse of dumbness.”

She was also one of my favorite interview subjects, ever. The times I spoke with her often resulted in lots and lots of laughter, and I’ll repost the interview I did with her later today, because I’m proud of it.

And what song would be better suited to tribute her? “Sad Tomorrow,” of course.

The world is a less funny place today.




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  1. Hi, I was googling about Kim Shattuck, and I found this page. The concept of “song of the day” is very interesting, I hope you continue recommending great music. Greetings from Argentina.

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