Song Of The Day: Warren Michael Defever, “Infinity Mirrors Inward Reflections”

It’s been a busy year for Warren Defever. He released a fantastic and surprisingly well-received album of early recordings, followed by a cassette of weird radio-based experiments, and now he presents the world with a surprise solo album. It’s actually a 36-minute live performance from 2017, recorded at Third Man Records in Detroit, and presented as one singularly-named piece, Infinity Mirrors Inward Reflections. For this incarnation, Defever is the leader of a pretty hot free-jazz sextet, and though free jazz often can be rather noisy and off-putting, this performance is amazingly palpable and enjoyable for its mellow twilight groove. Of course, it does get rather crazy at the very end of the set when they band goes from mellow jazz to psych-rock freakout, but the majority of the set is easy going and chill. The real star here is sax player Molly Jones, whose soprano sax flitters and flies high above the rest of the band, a sunny flourish that is instantly likable. Hurry, this amazing little record is super-limited and going fast…but check it out here as you get ready for work. I’m sure you’ll agree–this will start your day nicely.


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