Albums Of Note 2019: Velvet Negroni, NEON BROWN (4AD)

velvet negroni neon brown

Much anticipation surrounded the release of NEON BROWN, the 4AD debut from Minneapolis-based artist Jeremy Nutzman, AKA Velvet Negroni. The group has had several high-profile gigs ranging from opening for Bon Iver to collaborating with Kanye West. NEON BROWN offers a formal introduction, and it’s a fine one at that.

“Soulful” is the keyword here; Nutzman possesses a silky-smooth singing voice that mixes well with the equally tranquil and intoxicating melodies. NEON BROWN offers up exotic sounds, such as the Caribbean-like “WINE GREEN,” the minimalist soul of “CONFETTI” and the percussion-and-voice ballad “NESTER.”  Furthermore, it’s an album that works as a cohesive whole; it lets you in and surrounds you with its beauty. Much like the drink from which the band takes its name, NEON BROWN is an album of smooth and intoxicating flavors, and one of this year’s most sublime releases.


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