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His Name Is Alive Sleep Thru

Song Of The Day: His Name Is Alive, “Sleep Thru”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Friday, January 8th is “Sleep Thru” by His Name Is Alive, taken from the Disciples release Ghost Tape EXP.

Tkay Maidza

Song Of The Day: Tkay Maidza, “24K”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Wednesday, November 4th s “24K” by Tkay Maidza, taken from the 4AD release Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 2.

The Wolfgang Press

The Wolfgang Press: Unremembered Remembered (4AD)

Paired down to a duo, long-running 4AD band The Wolfgang Press came to a quiet end in 1996. Unremembered Remembered offers up the band’s final recordings, showing that even though they may have lost their motivation to continue, they were clearly finding their way once again.

Bing & Ruth

Song Of The Day: Bing & Ruth, “Live Forever”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Wednesday, May 20th is “Live Forever” by Bing & Ruth, taken from the forthcoming 4AD release, Species.

"Hold It Down"

Song Of The Day: Spencer., “Hold It Down”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Wednesday, March 25 is “Hold It Down” by Spencer., taken from the 4AD release, “Hold It Down.”

Velvet Negroni

Song Of The Day: Velvet Negroni, “Bagette”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Monday, March 9th is “Bagette” by Velvet Negroni, taken from his 4AD Records release, Bagette.

Becky And The Birds

Song Of The Day: Becky And The Birds, “Do U Miss Me”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Tuesday, March 3rd is “Do U Miss Me,” by Becky And The Birds, taken from the 4AD Records release, “Do U Miss Me.”

His Name Is Alive

FIRST LISTEN: His Name Is Alive, “Piano V”

We offer you a beautiful song from His Name Is Alive’s newest archival release, Return To Never, and we sat down with Warren Defever to discuss the track.

Modern English: Mesh & Lace/After The Snow (Blixa Sounds)

British New Wave band Modern English will forever be remembered for their sole hit, the superb “I Melt With You.” But there was more to the band than that hit, and the reissue of the band’s first two albums highlight a band much better than the “one-hit wonder” tag might lead you to believe.

velvet negroni neon brown

Albums Of Note 2019: Velvet Negroni, NEON BROWN (4AD)

NEON BROWN, the 4AD Records debut of Minneapolis-based Velvet Negroni, is an intoxicating and mellow listening experience from an exciting new talent.