Song Of The Day: His Name Is Alive, “Sleep Thru”

His Name Is Alive Sleep Thru

It’s been a fertile time for fans of His Name Is Alive. Over the last year and a half, visionary Warren Defever has dived into his archives, giving the world a glimpse into his creative spirit. While the focus has mainly been on a trilogy of recordings made prior to signing to 4AD Records, he’s released some low-key cassettes. These releases explore Defever’s darker and more experimental work; Ghost Tape EXP offers his latest trip into that void. As the title might lead you to believe, the music offered here floats through the night, the sound of something ominous and mysterious in the woods behind your house. Yet winters do that, especially in Livonia, Michigan. “Sleep Thru” blows on your window on a cold January night, but it will lull you into deep sleep and rest.

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