EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Vance Gilbert, “Flyby”

Vance Gilbert

We must admit that we’d never heard of veteran folk singer Vance Gilbert before, but we’re glad we have. His latest album, Good Good Man, is set for release this week, an impressive amalgam of folk and soul. With warm production and Gilbert’s smooth and inviting voice, Good Good Man is a jewel of a record. with highlights such as the cool title track, the funky “Another Day Above Ground,” the gospel folk of “When I Cross Over,” and the delightful “The Day Before November,” Good Good Man offers up a dozen smooth numbers.

We’re pleased to share with you “Flyby,” Good Good Man’s most traditionally folk number. But listen closer, and this traditional folk song soon reveals itself to be…science fiction?

Here’s what Vance has to say about the song:

My actual undergrad degree is in biology, so there’s always science in my blood. This started out not unlike my song “Goodbye Pluto”, innocently talking about flying objects in space, and it morphed into this Nick Drake-ish treatise on being safe yet stuck. Friend and Alt-Rock notable Mike Posner lends his strikingly heartbroken-high voice to the outer edges of this otherwise solo thing.

Purchase Vance Gilbert Good Good Man


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