Tag: Exclusive First Listen

FIRST LISTEN: The Catenary Wires, “Mirrorball”

We are pleased as punch to share with you the first single from indiepop veterans The Catenary Wires, from their forthcoming new single.

EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE: American Culture, “Pedals”

We are pleased to bring you the exclusive world premiere of “Pedals,” the brand new video from American Culture’s third album, For My Animals.

FIRST LISTEN: His Name Is Alive, “Piano V”

We offer you a beautiful song from His Name Is Alive’s newest archival release, Return To Never, and we sat down with Warren Defever to discuss the track.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Vance Gilbert, “Flyby”

We are happy to share with you an exclusive first listen from Good Good Man, the forthcoming album by veteran Philadelphia singer/songwriter Vance Gilbert.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Murry Wilson & Snow, “Break Away”

We are extremely pleased to bring you an exclusive first listen to the archival release Murry Wilson & Snow, a heretofore unknown demo recording from 1969. Set aside your preconceived notions and enjoy a surprisingly good little number.

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Uncle Walt’s Band, “She’ll Be There”

We’re pleased to offer you a delightful little number from one of Texas Music’s greatest little combos, Uncle Walt’s Band. This song comes from an excellent expanded reissue of their second album, An American In Texas, released this week via Omnivore Recordings.