EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Uncle Walt’s Band, “She’ll Be There”


We’ve previously written about the legendary Texas music trio Uncle Walt’s Band. Their self-titled debut was a dreamy, almost anachronistic affair, as they created a sound that was so rooted in the past, you could have mistook them for vintage recordings from thirty years prior. They would become a renowned local live act, yet would seemingly disappear into obscurity. They would reconvene a few years after that album, returning with a new album, 1980’s fine An American In Texas. Largely eschewing the covers of the first album, it is a more contemporary-sounding affair–and even though the more ethereal moments of the debut aren’t there, it’s still a quite fantastic record. And like its predecessor, An American In Texas is an album that has become legendary, even though it’s been out of print for decades.

Omnivore Recordings has wonderfully righted that wrong, and they’ve put together a fine, delightful reissue that is not only presenting the album in a newly remastered form, but also offers up some choice bonus tracks, including a super-rare self-released cassette, a handful of live tracks, and this fine song, a studio recording complete with a string section. It’s a quiet but lovely number, and we hope you enjoy it. We’re sure you will.

Order here: http://omnivorerecordings.com/shop/an-american-in-texas/

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  1. Beautiful💜

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