Song Of The Day: Mark Kozelek With Petra Haden, “Rest In Peace R. Lee Ermey”

Mark Kozelek‘s musical direction over the years has taken an interesting direction; while he still sings, he also has taken up a habit of spoken narrative tales whilst he strums on guitar. Unsurprisingly, this new style has been divisive; some enjoy these lengthy tales of the mundane details of his life, while others think what he’s doing is utter self-indulgent crap. Irrespective of your opinion, his quietly released new album,¬†Joey Always Smiled, features former label mate and former that dog. violinist Petra Haden, who adds a heavenly dimension to Kozelek’s wanderin’. “Rest In Peace R. Lee Ermey” is a surprisingly touching rambling on about a meeting with a friend, which then delves into his thoughts about Stanley Kubrick‘s under-appreciated war film, Full Metal Jacket. From his review, he then waxes philosophical about the actor who played Gunnery Sargent Hartman. Amazingly, this piece is quite moving; though there’s a bit of humor to be found in it, ultimately Kozelek is quite reflective on it all. If you’re in the latter camp mentioned up there, you probably won’t care for this, but if you like thoughtful and thought-provoking art, this song–and the album comes from–will definitely move you.

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