Song Of The Day: Beat Hotel, “Low Slung Loser”

Beat Hotel

British band Beat Hotel could rightly be called an 80s UK Indie supergroup. Its rotating cast of members have served time in The Weather Prophets, The June Brides, and The Jasmine Minks, amongst others. Their self-titled six-song EP finds them utilizing their pasts into making a fresh, contemporary indie-pop record. “Low Slung Loser,” however, sets itself apart from the other five tracks. Unlike the rest of the record, the song is a straight-up raunchy blues-rock number that hints at Jesus & Mary Chain but belies a smooth and creamy Mudhoney center. While the rest of the record is quite lovely, it’s on this track that they get down and dirty. Here’s hoping they do a bit more of that for their next record!

Purchase Beat Hotel: Bandcamp

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