Song Of The Day: Rachel Haden & Spookey Ruben, “Wasteland”

Rachel Haden

Rachel Haden’s been a busy bee lately, having just released a new album with her two other sisters, The Haden Triplets, as well as last year’s that dog. reunion album and a steady stream of studio work. Yet here she is again, this time in a one-off appearance with Canadian pop enigma Spookey Ruben, as part of his current “single of the week” project that will cumulate in his newest album. It’s a shame that it’s a one-off, as “Wasteland” is a cool summer’s breeze number, with cool bedroom R&B arrangement. The only sweeter thing than Haden’s lovely voice is Ruben’s; theirs is a combination that works perfectly together. “Wasteland” is so lovely and catchy, not hitting repeat is a very difficult feat. Bodes well for the new Spookey Ruben album, and is a sunny delight that warms during these cold winter days.

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