Song Of The Day: The Howling Hex, “Lies”

The Howling Hex

Neil Michael Hagerty’s post-Royal Trux project The Howling Hex has always offered challenges to the listener. Sometimes their records are transcendent; sometimes they’re difficult. We just go with the flow but always hope for the best when a new release appears. His newly-announced album, Knuckleball Express, is being touted as a straightforward album without all of the self-acknowledged standoffish music. First single “Lies” proves this point; it’s a supercharged two minutes of garage rock that sounds amazing played at full volume. The lyrics are repetitive, but in between the repetition, Hagerty’s got some axes to grind. (We’ll let you interpret who you think they may be referring to.)  Adding to the power of “Lies” is new member Nicole Lawrence, who adds a sweetness to Hagerty’s saltiness.

Preorder The Howling Hex Knuckleball Express: Fat Possum

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