Song Of The Day: Jonny Polonsky, “The Weeping Souls”

Jonny Polonsky


Jonny Polonsky began his career with a great deal of hope behind him; his debut album, Hi My Name Is Jonny, is a fantastic record of crunchy alternative rock that should have been a hit. Alas, his career didn’t quite achieve the trajectory it should have. But after a sabbatical, he returned to the music world, forging out a path that is uniquely his. He has a new album coming out next month, entitled Kingdom Of Sleep. The lead single, “The Weeping Souls,” is a powerful, amazingly arranged and produced ballad. A little soulful, a whole lotta dark–we don’t know where this road is heading but we’re intrigued enough to keep on the path.

Preorder Jonny Polonsky Kingdom of Sleep: Amazon / Bandcamp

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