Song Of The Day: Archers Of Loaf, “Raleigh Days”

Archers Of Loaf

Well, well, well…new Archers Of Loaf! It’s been twenty-one years since the band released their final album, the superb i They were resolute in their breakup, too. Frontman Eric Bachmann told me several months after their split that they would only ever consider a reunion after the band had been broken up for the same amount of time as they’d existed. Even then, they wouldn’t consider new material, as that would add pressure to the creative process. It would have to be unanimous on all four original members, and only after time had passed, so there would be no expectations one way or the other.  For the most part, that’s exactly what happened.

Late last year, they started hinting at new music. Well, it’s here. To get the fanbase all excited for their forthcoming U.S. tour, the band’s released their first new material in two decades, and it’s a real corker. “Raleigh Days” understandably evokes nostalgia, but it’s not a nostalgic song. It contains the same potency that made All The Nations Airports and Vee Vee so wonderful—but it’s not a rehash, either. Instead, it’s a brief, short sharp blast of blistery rock from a band who has always had the ability to make brief,  short shot blasts of blistery rock.

In other words….welcome back, Archers.

Purchase Archers Of Loaf,  “Raleigh Days”:  Bandcamp


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