Song Of The Day: The Proper Ornaments, “Echoes”

The Proper Ornaments

We’ve written about Modern Nature, the new project from Jack Cooper‘s defunct duo, Ultimate Painting. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention James Hoare’s long-running band The Proper Ornaments. Since the demise of the duo, both members have jumped headfirst into other projects, and Mission Bells is a fine new album of melancholy pop.  The album often reminds us of John Lennon‘s underrated Walls & Bridges run through a filter of Jesus & Mary Chain’s Stoned and Dethroned and Meddle-era Pink Floyd, especially on “Echoes,” easily the finest number here. Lofty comparisons? Sure are. But that’s the thing…Mission Bells lives up to them…and more.

Purchase The Proper Ornaments Mission Bells:  Tapete / Amazon


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