Song Of The Day: Hum, “In The Den”

Hum  Inlet

Last week offered many surprises in terms of reunions, none more so than Illinois-based rocker Hum. With zero warning, the highly-regarded alt-rock band delivered Inlet, their first full length album in two decades. Though they returned a few years ago and played a handful of reunion gigs that featured new songs, they made no commitments on when–or if–a new album would appear. Inlet proved worth the wait; they’ve retained their trademark sound, enhancing it with newfound heaviness. On an album of eight perfect songs, we’re going with “In The Den” for our SOTD.

And why not? The swirling melodies, the deep bass lines, and the moody-yet-melodic singing of Matt Talbott over the top of it all makes Inlet a truly rewarding listen. Not only that, these things make for one of the most worthwhile reunions in some time, as well as one of the best albums of 2020.

Purchase/Preorder Hum Inlet: Polyvinyl Records  

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