State Of The Nation: A Note From Your Fearless Editor

Dear friends,

You may have noticed the lack of updates over the past week and a half, and I felt I owed you some explanation. A day or two after my previous post I was involved in an incident that left my left arm and hand severely injured. I haven’t updated because I simply have not been able to write, And you may remember that two years ago I was involved in an accident that severely injured my right arm, with injuries that severely limited my use of the hand. thankfully this recent incident is nowhere near as bad as the previous, but writing is just something I’ve not been able to do.

am on the mend, though, so over the next few weeks the pickings may be slim. I do have a bunch of things I had started before my accident, and you may see those soon, but I’m not making any firm promises. I do have some interesting things in the fire right now, but more will be revealed in the coming weeks. I just wanted to let you know what was up, and the reason why things may be a little quieter than normal here at The Recoup.

Thank you for your continued readership and for your patience during this trying time!


Joseph Kyle

In case you want to know how i feel about it all!

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