Song Of The Day: Trevor Powers, “Earth To Earth”

Trevor Powers

Over the past year, the world has had to face the unstoppable force of isolation, and so too has Trevor Powers. Isolation is tough enough, but when the isolation is caused by unplanned medical emergencies, life can grow even more desolate. Powers understands this, as his latest album Capricorn came about due to a temporary paralysis. Capricorn sounds like it, too. It’s space rock , but it’s space as in a vast sea of nothingness. The album feels like a soundtrack to the story of a single person drifting in space for eternity. “Earth To Earth” offers a bleak soundscape perfectly encapsulates just how lonely life can be. Capricorn isn’t easy listening, but it is a beautiful and haunting listening experience.

Purchase Trevor Powers Capricorn:  Fat Possum


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