Song Of The Day: A Girl Called Eddy, “Jody”

A Girl Called Eddy Jody

Even though 2020 can best be called a lost year, one highlight certainly makes up for the bad stuff: the return of A Girl Called Eddy. Indeed, Erin Moran‘s comeback album has have been a delight, and although it isn’t much like its predecessor, it stands on its own merits. It’s a pure pop album, with comparisons to Burt Bacharach proving highly appropriate. The latest single and video proves to be simultaneously catchy and melancholic. “Jody” is an ode in tribute to an older friend who passed away. With a bit of a Motown sound and bright and bouncy horns, it serves as beautiful a tribute as one could possibly get. The lyric video is also a feast for the eyes, an illustrated presentation of the lyrics that recalls the work of Saul Bass.

With this disastrous year halfway over, one can expect to see Been Around on many best of lists. With a song like “Jody,” that’s hardly surprising.

Purchase A Girl Called Eddy Been Around: Elefant Records


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