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Song Of The Day: A Girl Called Eddy, “Been Around”

Taken from the Elefant Records release, Been Around.

Song Of The Day: The Last Detail, “Killing Time”

Taken from the Elefant Records release, Places.

Song Of The Day Premiere: The Last Detail, “Fun Fair”

We are extremely excited to share with you today the first new song by Erin Moran (A Girl Called Eddy) in nearly 15 years, as well as a debut of her new project, The Last Detail, out today on Elefant!

Best Of The Recoup: People Used To Dream About The Future: The Story of A Girl Called Eddy

Since its publication in 2014, this interview with A Girl Called Eddy’s Erin Moran has consistently been one of The Recoup’s most popular stories. Learn more about the mysterious Moran and the making of one of the best albums you’ve probably never heard.

3AM Eternal: A Girl Called Eddy, “Did You See The Moon Tonight?” (2004)

Well, did you?

People Used To Dream About The Future: The Story of A Girl Called Eddy

In 2004, punk label Epitaph‘s sister label Anti quietly released A Girl Called Eddy to very little fanfare. Her small fan base had been built earlier in the decade, when she released Tears All Over Town, a five-song EP. Those devoted few who were awaiting her new record were in for a shock; her introduction,… Read More ›

Do You Remember The First Time?: A Girl Called Eddy “Tears All Over Town”

In 2001, A Girl Called Eddy–the project headed by Erin Moran–released its debut, a five-song EP of lovely, slightly melancholy jazz-pop. Three years later, this little record would be eclipsed by one of the most amazing albums of the past decade, a orchestrated pop record so grand, so big, it seemed to come out of… Read More ›