Song Of The Day Premiere: The Last Detail, “Fun Fair”

Now THIS is the perfect cure for those Monday blues. We’re extremely excited to share this, the debut of the indiepop trio The Last Detail, which features the too-long silent voice of Erin Moran, better known as A Girl Called Eddy. For this new project, she is paired up with European musician Mehdi Zannad, who has operated for decades as Fugu.  The meeting of the two has resulted in a light and breezy pop number that reminds us of the early 1980s pop of our youth. Musically, Moran has not lost a beat, and this eye-catching video only makes us love the song more.

It should be noted that this is not a new iteration of Moran’s A Girl Called Eddy; nor does it mean that project is over; this is an entirely new collaboration, one that will be further explored with a full-length debut album this fall. Moran has finished her second  A Girl Called Eddy album and it too will be released in short order, coming in early 2019. After a decade and a half, who really minds a few more months? Besides, isn’t it nice that she makes up for her long silence by offering the world not one but two new albums?

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