Song Of The Day: A Girl Called Eddy, “Been Around”


It’s finally here…the long-awaited second album from A Girl Called Eddy.

The album is called Been Around.

It will be released January 17, 2020.

Elefant Records will release it.

This is the first single.

It is also called “Been Around.”

We think it is very good.

We think you will think so, too.

So now, without further ado…



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  1. OMG!!! What a great song! I will admit without shame I had tears running down my face less than a minute into it. Erin is such a brilliant songwriter. Such great melodies and chord changes, and a nice little nod to Todd on the TV screen in the opening seconds of the video. Jan 17th can’t come fast enough, and will there be extra tracks on CD singles, or a Japanese pressing etc.? The last album had a ton of non-album tracks here and there…

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL song! Classic Eddy! We’ve waited so long for this moment! (Though her collaboration with Mehdi Zannad on 2018’s THE LAST DETAIL is absolutely superb, too!)
    2020 will be the year for the latest in perfect vision from Erin Moran.

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