Song Of The Day: John MOuse, “Le Pigeon”

John MOuse

(Guest review by Michael Turner)

John MOuse has been compared to BeckThe Flaming Lips, and for some reason David Gedge of the Wedding Present, but on his new album The Goat, he captures the sound of the real new wave 80’s and not just the stuff that gets thrown on the compilations like ‘Now It’s the 80’s’ or something equally as drab that you buy at a motorway gas station or services. The debut single “Le Pigeon” channels DevoSuburban Lawns, and a B-52’s song where it’s mostly just Fred. Simple drum machine beats, video game keys, and a spoken detached sing-songy vocal delivery that cuts through all the rock and roll cliches and has more in common with tv show themes ala Square Pegs or Saved by the Bell than anything you’d hear on classic rock radio.

John MOuse wakes up and finds a pigeon in the hallway of his flat and then feels trapped inside and instead of trying to remove it he just leaves the house and never looks back. The lifeless stare that looks straight into your soul and wonky pigeon walk is enough to send him packing. If you want a moment to bop your head like a metronome to a fun 80’s style song about paranoia in these weird pre-apocalyptic times, then look no further.

Purchase John MOuse The Goat:  Bandcamp


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