Song Of The Day: Anthony Moore, “Lover Of Mine”


Anthony Moore


The release of a lost album always piques our interest. But what happens when you hear said lost album, only to discover the shelved record sounds decades ahead of its time?  In the 1970s, keyboardist Anthony Moore was a member of Slapp Happy, which morphed into Henry Cow. Unhappy with these developments, he readied a solo album entilted OUT, which Virgin Records slated for a 1976 release. Yet as so often happens, his label underwent a management change; Moore was dropped and OUT canceled. Once again, Drag City does the Lord’s work by introducing this lost classic to the world.

We mentioned it sounded ahead of its time. Ready for a shocker? Listen to “Lover Of Mine,” and try not to think you’ve been slipped an Animal Collective outtake. Dreamy vocals and harmonies, tropicalia-minded percussion, and a psychedelic haze that sounds like peak 2008 indie rock? Check. Dude was there first, and perhaps Richard Branson and company couldn’t handle or comprehend the future sounds OUT offered. Perhaps the suits never listened to it at all, canning it without a second thought. Either way, that was their loss, not ours; Moore simply kept on his merry way and continued making music–which he still does to this day.

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