Song Of The Day: Cub Scout Bowling Pins, “School School”


Cub Scout Bowling Pins

Been a while since we’ve been totally gobsmacked by a Robert Pollard side project. That’s exactly what happened with the mysterious debut record by Cub Scout Bowling Pins, a wonderful blast of classic rock mixed with noise rock in only the way Pollard can muster. You can hear his influences on full display here; The Who, Cheap Trick, and The Cars. There’s so much to love, and we really love the concise, dagger-sharp “School School,” a reminder that Pollard can work magic in less than 90 seconds. Will there be more Cub Scout Bowling Pin, or will it be a brilliant one-off? We hope for the former, but we expect the latter. Whatever the answer, let’s just enjoy the moment, shall we?

Purchase Cub Scout Bowling Pins Heaven Beats Iowa: Guided By Voices, Inc

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