Tag: 1970

Birds Of A Feather: The Page One Recordings (RPM Records)

Sisters Irene and Doreen Chanter’s sole album as Birds Of A Feather found them in the company of a soon-to-be-famous songwriter and management that had hopes for repeating that success. Their sole album might not have reached those lofty heights, but it is a superb album on its own.

Song Of The Day: Atlantic Bridge, “Dear Prudence”

Taken from the Esoteric Recordings release, Atlantic Bridge.

Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “I Just Got My Pay”

A fun and catchy late 60s outtake that celebrates that most special day of the week: payday!

Blonde On Blonde: Rebirth/Reflections On A Life (Esoteric Recordings)

Welsh progressive rockers Blonde On Blonde overcame the loss of their frontman and visionary, releasing two promising but ultimately commercially unsuccessful albums.

Bobby Bare/Skeeter Davis/Liz Anderson/Norma Jean: Tunes For Two/The Game Of Triangles/Your Husband, My Wife (Morello)

This two-disc set compiles two albums of duets and one album of trio recordings pairing Bobby Bare with Skeeter Davis, Norma Jean, and Liz Anderson, and contains some fine performances from the first decade of Bare’s long, storied career.

South And West: From A Notebook (Knopf)

Writer Joan Didion’s latest work is a collection of notes from two unpublished essays from the 1970s, and contains an insightful, interesting, and compelling look at the South during a time of transition.

Song Of The Day: The Allman Brothers, “Whipping Post”

We remember the late, great drummer Butch Trucks with one helluva jam from their first year.

Quiet World: The Road (Esoteric Recordings)

British progressive group Quiet World took a bold step and released a conceptual record for its debut album. The Road was a gamble that didn’t pay off; this reissue, however, shows that there was more to the story, and serves as a cautionary tale about being too audacious too soon in one’s career.

Yoko Ono: Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band (Chimera Music)

Yoko Ono’s proper solo debut album, released in 1970 alongside John Lennon’s proper solo debut album, is a stunning work of experimental rock and roll, where pure emotion blends nicely with rock and roll groove and intense, uncompromising emotion.

Stone The Crows: Stone The Crows/Ode To John Law (Angel Air)

Stone The Crows was a short-lived British blues rock band, and this twofer, compiling their first two albums, documents a young band with a lot of power and promise.