Song Of The Day: Atlantic Bridge, “Dear Prudence”

Atlantic Bridge was the sole album by British jazz-rock combo Atlantic Bridge, an experiment  in blending pop and rock songs with a jazz band, not completely stripping the songs of their rock elements, yet building the songs around a jazz sensibility. It wasn’t necessarily an original concept; this was the era of Bitches Brew, after all. It was a valiant effort, even if it didn’t completely satisfy. For the record, the band chose three songs by Jimmy Webb, the best of which was an epic take on the already epic “MacArthur Park,” two Beatles songs, George Harrisons “Something” and John Lennon‘s “Dear Prudence,” and one original composition, “Childhood Room (Exit Wait),” which is perhaps better than the covers they recorded. But the band was soon on its way to other things. “Dear Prudence,” our Song Of The Day, is an interesting cover, its arrangement is moody, haunting, and quite beautiful.


Atlantic Bridge is out now on Esoteric Recordings.

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