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Richard Buckner: Bloomed (Merge Records)

A long time ago, in my first year at Texas Tech University, I had a conversation with a man at a bar. He said he was working on a new record. He described the process as a tedious yet fun endeavor, but he wasn’t from Lubbock and he was ready to go back home. He… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: The Tindersticks “Her” (1994)

This version of Tindersticks‘ song “Her,” rerecorded for the Volume magazine compilation, loses the loudness of the version on their debut album, and adds a flamenco edge that is immensely satisfying. A perfect song that encapsulates the angst that comes along with the fear of approaching someone you lust after…

3AM Eternal: Digable Planets “Jettin'” (1994)

They shone brightly, intensely, and quickly; their sound and style, influential. Even though their career was brief, they left two superior albums; 1994’s Blowout Comb is a certifiable classic and one of hip-hop’s truly essential full-length records, and though there have been hints at reunions over the past two decades, they’ve all petered out before… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: The Toadies “Tyler” (1994)

Reality check: Rubberneck, the debut album by Dallas rockers The Toadies, is twenty years old.  While the album contained their biggest hit, the scorching “Possum Kingdom,” it was later single “Tyler,” that really won this writer over–that, and their always incendiary live sets, where their mixture of hard rock, blues, and punk rock takes on a… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Uncle Tupelo “Gimme Three Steps” (1994)

I guess if you’re gonna break up, the best song to end your career with is a Skynyrd cover….

Lost Singles: Smog “A Hit” c/w “Wine Stained Lips”

  In 1994, Drag City released this little slab of vinyl from the lo-fi troubadour Bill Callahan. Though he had already released two albums and a handful of singles, it was “A Hit” that garnered him the world’s notice. It’s not hard to understand why this song quickly became popular in the underground. Callahan’s dour,… Read More ›