Tag: 2000

3AM Eternal: The Appleseed Cast Mare Vitalis (2000)

The Appleseed Cast’s second album was the first of what would become a handful of masterpieces.

3AM Eternal: Imbroco Are You My Lionkiller? (2000)

If there were an “emo supergroup,” it would have been Imbroco, featuring members from several notable bands, releasing only this sole EP.

3AM Eternal: Jimmy Eat World “Sweetness (Demo Version)” (1999/2000)

The story of how a leaked demo changed the world.

Cave In: The Sacrifice Poles (Robotic Empire)

The spring of 2000 was a fertile time for Boston-based Cave In, as they prepared to record Jupiter, the album that would bring them wide critical acclaim, as well as serve as the band’s creative apex. Dark, moody, complex, atmospheric—it was a masterful album that found the band transforming from its hardcore roots and heading… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Cinerama “Your Charms” (2000)

David Gedge has written so many songs about love, misery, and breakups, it’s a surprise Hallmark hasn’t offered his muse an exclusive publishing license. “Your Charms” is a fast, breezy, beautifully orchestrated song about falling in love with someone new. Expect to hit repeat on this one… PS: Production nerds, enjoy the fact that Mr. Steve Albini… Read More ›

Lambchop: Nixon (Merge Records)

To many people’s great surprise, Lambchop’s fifth album, Nixon, was a surprise European hit. In many ways it was a grand departure from the band’s previous work; lush and supple, much less “country” and much more R&B in nature, the album seamlessly flows from start to finish in one continuous groove. This was a newer,… Read More ›