Tag: 2003

3AM Eternal: Drive Til Morning Drive Til Morning (2003)

A quiet, melancholy alt-country record of gentle acoustic songs and passages.

3AM Eternal: Desert City Soundtrack Contents Of Distraction (2003)

The debut album of one of the finest Deep Elm bands introduced the world to a dark, deep, melancholy sound that was wholly their own.

3AM Eternal: Slowride Building a Building (2003)

Dallas rockers rocking the rock and roll rock.

3AM Eternal: Brandston/Camber Split (2003)

Part of the label’s split-single series, this set offers up three great songs from Camber, and one from Brandston.

3AM Eternal: Outkast “Church” (2003)

Rappers’ inevitable gospel songs are often best avoided…unless you’re Outkast, who have this uncanny knack for not doing wrong. Even their missteps are inherently interesting, and though the sum is greater than their parts, when those parts are working together, the results are magical.