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Tag: 2003

Go West: Live Robin 2-2003 (Angel Air)

British duo Go West had a slew of hits in the 1980s, and this excellent reunion show from 2003 finds the band at their best.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “For Jonathan” (2003)

Just a lovely, unhurried walk through the woods on a cool autumn afternoon, nothing more, nothing less…

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Malmo” (2003)

We continue our listening journey into the darker corners of The Album Leaf’s back catalogue, this time with one of the band’s most endearing numbers, taken from a 2003 Spanish-only EP.

3AM Eternal: The Jayhawks, “Save It For A Rainy Day” (2003)

The gorgeous harmonies and pop sensibilities of The Jayhawks’ 2003 single make it a rewarding little pop nugget.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Lamplight” (2003)

A reader’s request to hear some Album Leaf is generously filled; this week, we’ll highlight some more obscure numbers, starting with this track off of a split record from 2003.

You Missed It: The Red Hot Valentines Summer Fling (2003)

New feature alert! “You Missed It” is dedicated to re-reviewing and reevaluating records that yours truly loved when they first appeared. Our first entry: Champaign, Illinois’ The Red Hot Valentines, who left the world one helluva final album.

Zombi: The Zombi Anthology (Relapse)

A welcome reissue of the formative records from Italian space-rock loving Pittsburg duo Zombi.

3AM Eternal: Desert City Soundtrack: Funeral Car (2003)

Desert City Soundtrack’s debut full-length Funeral Car was a heavy-handed, dark, morose affair.

3AM Eternal: Settlefish: Dance A While, Upset (2003)

The debut of Italy-via-American rock band Settlefish was an album of enjoyable promise.

3AM Eternal: Surrounded: Safety In Numbers (2003)

One of the best albums Deep Elm has ever released, this Swedish band’s debut was and is a record of grand, sublime beauty.