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Song Of The Day: Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Remember Me This”

In one of his last excursions, Anthony Bourdain visited the studio of one of our favorite bands, and what better way to pay tribute than to share the song recorded that day.

Song Of The Day: Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe, “Gruenwald”

Taken from the A Records release, Right On.

2016’s Albums Of Note, Part One

All week long, we take a look at many of the records that made 2016 notable. (Just don’t call it a best of list!)

3AM Eternal: The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Blue Order/New Monday” (2012)

One of the best songs from one of the best albums by one of The Recoup’s favorite bands. It will chill you out if you need it, but it will also inspire you as you start your day as well…