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Sweet Trip

Song Of The Day: Sweet Trip, “Stab/Slow”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Thursday, January 21st is “Stab/Slow” by Sweet Trip, taken from the Darla release Walkers Beware! We Drive Into The Sun.


Song Of The Day: Kestrels, “Grey And Blue”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Thursday, June 11th is “Grey & Blue” by Kestrels, taken from the forthcoming Darla Records release, Dream Or Don’t Dream.

Exclusive First Listen: Rocketship, “Outer Otherness”

We’re pleased to share with you a track from the brand new Rocketship album, out tomorrow via Darla Records.

My Morning Jacket: The Tennessee Fire: 20th Anniversary Edition (Darla Records)

The auspicious debut album of Louisville, Kentucky rockers My Morning Jacket might not fully possess the potent spark that would define the band’s later recordings, but there’s enough strong evidence here that the young band knew they had something special.

Twilight Music: Füxa, Venoy (Bliss Out V.5) (1997)

We go three-for-three in the Darla Bliss-Out series; aren’t you getting the hint yet about how wonderfully necessary it is to your record collection?

Twilight Music: Windy & Carl, “Antarctica” (1997)

A gorgeously slow, seductively beautiful twenty-two minutes’ worth of ice-cold ambient music.

Twilight Music: Piano Magic, “Halloween Boat” (1999)

A gorgeous, eighteen minute aquatic experience. Ladies and gentlemen, you are floating in water….

New Radiant Storm King: Singluar No Article/Winter’s Kill (Darla)

Two of the best indie-rock records that you’ve probably never heard get the reissue treatment they so deserve.