Twilight Music: Füxa, Venoy (Bliss Out V.5) (1997)


We’ve already written about two different records in the Darla Records  The Bliss-Out series, so why not go three-for-three? Volume five of the series featured Midwestern space-rockers Füxa, which is the project of Randall Nieman, who used to be in Windy & Carl, whom we featured last night. Füxa’s Vanoy features two tracks, “Overture 1” and “Overture 2.” It’s an interesting sonic trip, “Overture 1” starts out glitchy, then briefly goes into a New Age melody before morphing into a world-music tribal drumming session.

“Overture 2” turns the time machine around, brings us back into the present after a trip through found sounds from 1960s news broadcasts, before turning back over into a gentle ambient fade-out.

For a 23-minute journey, it sure is substantial! Furthermore, Fuxa is still making music, so Nieman’is still taking his listeners on heady sonic mind-trips.

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