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Six Pack Live

Add Some Music To Your Day #2: Six Pack Live

In today’s installment of Add Some Music To Your Day, we’re offering you a half-dozen superb live tracks taken from a handful of new releases. We hope you enjoy the live experience from the isolation of your home!

Elton John

Song Of The Day: Elton John & Ray Cooper, “Rocket Man”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Tuesday, February 18th is “Rocket Man” by Elton John, taken from the Rocket Entertainment release, Live In Moscow 1979.

Song Of The Day: Jake Shears, “Sad Song Backwards”

Taken from the Freida Jean Records release, Jake Shears.

Birds Of A Feather: The Page One Recordings (RPM Records)

Sisters Irene and Doreen Chanter’s sole album as Birds Of A Feather found them in the company of a soon-to-be-famous songwriter and management that had hopes for repeating that success. Their sole album might not have reached those lofty heights, but it is a superb album on its own.

Joan Armatrading Whatever’s For Us (Esoteric/Cherry Red)

The 1972 debut of British singer/songwriter Joan Armatrading might owe a bit to Elton John (for obvious reasons), but it is a fine introduction to an underrated talent.