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Panama Limited Jug Band: S/T (Esoteric)

  Panama Limited Jug Band is one of those late 1960s British groups that truly defies expectations. Taking their name from a Bukka White song, this London group consisted of members of the scene’s burgeoning blues scene, and were signed to EMI‘s experimental label Harvest. Their self-titled debut album featured fifteen songs, all of which… Read More ›

Jim Capaldi: The Contender (Esoteric)

Jim Capaldi was the drummer and founder of progressive/psychedelic band Traffic. When the band split in the early 1970s, he launched his solo career. In 1977, he released his fourth album, The Contender, and his first for Polydor.  It’s a quite varied listen, and it’s rather obvious attempt at a contemporary commercial record, though his guitarist Pete… Read More ›

Keith Emerson: Honky (1981)

If one were feeling sarcastic, one might suggest that Honky, progressive keyboardist Keith Emerson‘s solo album from 1981, should have been titled Prog-Rockers in Paradise. While Honky is far from a Jimmy Buffett-style affair, it most certainly isn’t the austere, almost solemn affair of Emerson’s work with Emerson, Lake &  Palmer; if anything, the record… Read More ›