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August Redmoon Heavy Metal U.S.A. (Hear No Evil/Cherry Red)

A compilation of a short-lived LA metal band from the early 1980s, Heavy Metal U.S.A. is the sound of a band that coulda been contenders.

Corrosion of Conformity: Blind (Hear No Evil)

The sound of a band returning from a hiatus with a fresh yet shocking new sound.

Alice Cooper: Trash (Hear No Evil)

By 1989, shock-rockerĀ Alice Cooper had faded from the spotlight of the rock and metal worlds, thanks in part to the coming of punk, new wave, and 1980s pop. He continued to make records during this time, but his 1980s solo career seemed to offer diminishing returns. So it was that in 1988 he decided to… Read More ›