Corrosion of Conformity: Blind (Hear No Evil)


Corrosion of Conformity started life in Raleigh, North Carolina, as a thrash band. Thanks to two well-loved albums, the band quickly developed its reputation as a powerful underground rock band. Their ascent was short-lived; the band split up shortly after its second album, and it seemed doomed to the obscurity that oft befalls bands in their predicament. The changing sounds of the times, though, prompted the band to return six years after their seeming demise. Blind was their comeback record, and it marked a new, heavier metal-minded sound. Though the thrash heart still beat underneath its core, Blind is a powerful metal record, inspired, in large part, by Metallica.

Their sound was new and fresh, and so too was their vocalist, Karl Agell. Blind is the sound of a band refreshed, reinvigorated, and heavy on the punch. “Heavy” is the operative word here, as Blind is a relentless power drive of overwhelming guitars and drums. It’s instantly noticeable from the brief instrumental album opener “These Shrouded Temples,” that this crossover was going to prove an interesting experiment. For skate-punks and stoners, this album was a fascinating—if not shocking—new direction.  “Buried” and “Vote With A Bullet” rang out as a demonic clarion call to fans of …And Justice For All and Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?.

Naturally, not everyone in the punk scene was thrilled with this about-face, but those voices were in the minority. Even though metal was on its way out thanks to the Grunge/Alternative Rock explosion that was shortly to happen, it didn’t hurt CoC very much; Blind’s modest mainstream success would soon lead them to a major label deal and even more success.

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