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Living Like A Runaway: A Memoir (Dey Street Books)

Hard-rock guitarist and singer Lita Ford opens up about her wild and frantic rock and roll life, as well as the sadness and heartbreak that has come along with it.

3AM Eternal, Guns N’ Roses, “November Rain” (1991)

This month we examine more songs about rain. First up is this classic, potent ballad that was so great, it destroyed its creators.

3AM Eternal: Ozzy Osbourne, “Bark At The Moon” (1983)

Ozzy Osbourne’s return after the tragic death of guitarist Randy Rhoads finds him presenting the world with the very first Ozzy Osbourne musical video. Campy fun lies ahead….

Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door (Swan Song)

Unintentionally, In Through The Out Door was to be Led Zeppelin’s final album. Though not their best album, it did find them experimenting with new sounds and styles, and was a transitional record that hints at many different ways the band might have proceeded.

August Redmoon Heavy Metal U.S.A. (Hear No Evil/Cherry Red)

A compilation of a short-lived LA metal band from the early 1980s, Heavy Metal U.S.A. is the sound of a band that coulda been contenders.

3AM Eternal: Josefus: Dead Man (1970)

Spend some time with Houston’s Josefus. It’s primal heavy metal, unlike anything coming out of Texas in 1970. Still kicks ass 45 years later.