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Best Of The Recoup: Like A Jewel Curled Around Your Finger: The Story of The American Analog Set’s Know By Heart

Published in 2014, this interview with American Analog Set frontman Andrew Kenny discusses the making of the band’s fourth album, Know By Heart.

Modest Mouse: Night On The Sun (Glacial Pace)

This EP, initially released in 1999 in super-limited numbers in Japan, served as a rare balm for Modest Mouse fans worried that their signing to Epic Records would change them, offering early versions of songs from their 2000 major label debut, The Moon & Antarctica.

Departmentstore Santas: At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since (Superior Viaduct)

The sole release of Deparmentstore Santas has become a lo-fi holy grail, and for good reason; this reissue shows that its mastermind, Joseph D’Angelo, was a talented young man with great promise.

3AM Eternal: Slint, “Don, Aman” (1991)

Slint’s Spiderland was and is a very important record and a cornerstone of 1990s indie rock. This particular song is creepy, weird, and wonderful.

Five-Eight: Weirdo Reborn

A mini-documentary about a band righting a musical wrong that was inadvertently thrust upon them twenty years ago by their record label.

Twilight Music: Drums & Tuba “Magnum Opie” (2005)

This unique trio ended their career with a superior EP, with this song being its highlight.

3AM Eternal: Dean & Britta “I’m Not A Young Man Anymore” (2010)

A Velvet Underground number paired up with a suitable subject from a unique film project.

Royal Trux: Hand Of Glory (Drag City)

The notorious Royal Trux ended their career with an album of their earliest recordings. It’s a confounding release, but that was always the point; it’s not just an album, but a study in contrasts.

You Missed It: The Red Hot Valentines Summer Fling (2003)

New feature alert! “You Missed It” is dedicated to re-reviewing and reevaluating records that yours truly loved when they first appeared. Our first entry: Champaign, Illinois’ The Red Hot Valentines, who left the world one helluva final album.

3AM Eternal: Tame Impala “Elephant” (Todd Rundgren Mix) (2012)

The sound of a new band handing over one of its songs to one of their inspirations for a remix. The results? Wonderful