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His Name Is Alive

FIRST LISTEN: His Name Is Alive, “Piano V”

We offer you a beautiful song from His Name Is Alive’s newest archival release, Return To Never, and we sat down with Warren Defever to discuss the track.

Gene Clark: No Other (4AD)

In 1974, Gene Clark released his fourth solo album, No Other, a masterpiece unfortunately and bizarrely labeled a failure. 4AD’s deluxe reissue does much to correct that misconception, and offers a lavish and definitive look at one of the decade’s truly lost classics.

The Ghost Of Christmas: This Mortal Coil, “I Come And Stand At Every Door”

A haunting and thought-provoking antiwar message.

Lush: Thoughtforms (Lush Fan Official)

The reunited Lush offer up a nice little treat for fans: a zine that explores the reunion via lengthy interviews with all its participants.

3AM Eternal: Fever Tree S/T (1968)

Houston’s Fever Tree released a very promising, exciting debut album, one that would influence another great album….

Do What Makes Your Heart Hurt Less: The Story of The Paladins’ Million Mile Club

The story of how an album released out of love for a band caused the beginning of the end of a special relationship between a record label, its founder, and its fans.