Lush: Thoughtforms (Lush Fan Official)

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Lush: Thoughtforms
Lush Fan Official

One of the biggest musical happenings of 2016 is the return of the long-dormant British band Lush, who called it a day in 1996 after the death of drummer Chris Acland. His death caused the band members—most especially Miki Berenyi—to rethink why they made music. Emma Anderson went on to form Sing-Sing, while Berenyi turned her back completely on the music world. They swore that they’d never reunite, because they felt Lush couldn’t be Lush without Chris. Yet time heals, and the recently released box set Chorus served as the opportune moment for the band to reignite its engine.

Upon the announcement of the reunion, Lush fan Richard Lewis felt a document of this reunion would be a good idea, and thus Thoughtforms was born. Touted as the band’s official magazine, this little zine gives you a wonderful insight into the reunion and the band’s forthcoming comeback EP. Lewis sat down with everyone involved with the reunion and comeback—all members of the band, Chris Bigg, the art director for Chorus, Origami, and the Blind Spot EP, and, most exciting, the mysterious 4AD mastermind, Ivo Watts-Russell.

There’s much to read in this jam-packed little ‘zine, and it serves the band well, helping to explain the group’s motivation for returning, and it offers an in-depth look into the reunion process, especially interesting as the music world has changed greatly since 1996–a new world that the members of Lush have reentered. If you’re a fan of the band, or are new to the group and want to learn more, then Thoughtforms is for you.

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