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Song Of The Day: Holly Herndon, “Eternal”

Taken from the 4AD Records release, PROTO.

Song Of The Day: Ex:Re, “Romance”

Taken from the 4AD release, Ex:Re.

Song Of The Day: Deerhunter, “Death In Midsummer”

Taken from the 4AD release, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?.

Song Of The Day: Geniuser, “Monkey”

Taken from the Ahh Ohh Records release, I Am.

Song Of The Day: Geniuser, “Can I Can”

Taken from the forthcoming Ahh Ohh Records release, I Am.

Song Of The Day: Maggie & Terre Roche, “Jill Of All Trades”

We remember the late singer/songwriter Maggie Roche, courtesy a track from her obscure but stunning debut album.

2016’s Albums Of Note, Part Two

We continue our look at many of the records that made 2016 notable. (Just don’t call it a best of list!)

Song Of The Day: Colin Newman, “Alone”/”Fish 4″/”Don’t Bring Reminders”

Taken from the forthcoming Sentient Sonic reissues A-Z, provisionally entitled the singing fish, and Not To.

BOOK EXCERPT: Never Critique Your Friends, by Everett True

We are pleased to present an exclusive excerpt from Everett True’s forthcoming book, Electrical Storm. In this powerful excerpt, we learn what happened when True critiqued his friends in the band Lush.

Lush: Thoughtforms (Lush Fan Official)

The reunited Lush offer up a nice little treat for fans: a zine that explores the reunion via lengthy interviews with all its participants.