Song Of The Day: Spencer., “2much”

Spencer. "2much"

“2much,” the latest single from Brooklyn-based Spencer., is a song that we’ve totally fallen in love with. After its release, we found ourself hitting repeat over and over again, taking it all in. We’re not surprised; we did the exact same thing with his debut 4AD Records single, “Automatic,” a song that made 2019 a great year.

But we’d like to take a moment to address our friends who are old-school 4AD fans.  THIS SINGLE YOU NEED TO HEAR. Yes, yes, I’m sadly quite aware of just how damn resistant you guys are. You want Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance and Wolfgang Press and think Ivo‘s fatal mistake was signing an American band. And I get that. Those bands are superb. No argument there. But honestly, I’m tired of hearing the complaints you make about how 4AD doesn’t sound like the label of old.

Frankly, I’m quite HAPPY they don’t!

4AD, as you may recall, is shorthand for “forward.” I would hate for the artistically innovative label to waste its time and money rehashing the sounds that made them famous thirty years ago. One must go forward, after all–and retreading past glories most certainly isn’t progress.

But what made us fall so hard for “2much” is its resemblance to one of our favorite 4AD bands, Unrest. Most specifically, the superb and sublime epic, “Imperial. It was one of the finest songs 4AD has ever released, and even today, Unrest’s visionary Mark Robinson can still turn out an amazingly beautiful version of it, as he did walking around looking dapper and playing it with hundreds of people walking around him, yet playing it for absolutely no one.

So if you’re on the fence or have seemingly given up on the classic label of your youth, get over yourself and check out Spencer., as we think you’ll be happy you did.


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