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Song Of The Day: Starless (featuring Emma Pollock), “Paper”


Keyboardist Paul McGeechan has an impressive resume. A founding member of the underrated Friends Again, he enjoyed more widespread success as a member of Love And Money. His newest project Starless takes his music to a whole different level. Earthbound, the group’s second album, is a heavily lush affair with melancholic strings and a downcast tone. Furthermore, it’s an extremely cohesive album, making it a seamless listen, even though it has a cast of different vocalists. It’s a powerful, beautiful affair, with the unique 4AD project This Mortal Coil the only apt point of comparison. We quite love “Paper,” featuring former Delgadoes frontwoman (and brief 4AD signing) Emma Pollock.¬† For those seeking a beautifully dark listen, Earthbound will quickly impress you.

Purchase Starless Earthbound:  Last Night From Glasgow

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