Song Of The Day: Starless (featuring Emma Pollock), “Paper”


Keyboardist Paul McGeechan has an impressive resume. A founding member of the underrated Friends Again, he enjoyed more widespread success as a member of Love And Money. His newest project Starless takes his music to a whole different level. Earthbound, the group’s second album, is a heavily lush affair with melancholic strings and a downcast tone. Furthermore, it’s an extremely cohesive album, making it a seamless listen, even though it has a cast of different vocalists. It’s a powerful, beautiful affair, with the unique 4AD project This Mortal Coil the only apt point of comparison. We quite love “Paper,” featuring former Delgadoes frontwoman (and brief 4AD signing) Emma Pollock.  For those seeking a beautifully dark listen, Earthbound will quickly impress you.

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