Tag: June Gloom

3AM Eternal: Saint Etienne “Teenage Winter” (2005)

One of my favorite British pop groups deliver a wistful, sad postcard from the village of their youth and how it has changed so.

3AM Eternal: The Field Mice “Missing The Moon” (1991)

The final release from The Field Mice was perhaps the best song of their career, as well as a wonderfully wistful pop number that should be recognized as the classic it is.

3AM Eternal: Badfinger “Day After Day” (1971)

The best song from one of rock and roll’s most tragic bands.

3AM Eternal: The Like “June Gloom” (2006)

This month, we’re going to be taking the term June Gloom quite literally, as we listen and examine and enjoy songs that are gloomy, depressing, melancholy, angry, bitter, and every negative emotion in between. Enjoy…but not too much!