3AM Eternal: Saint Etienne “Teenage Winter” (2005)

If I were to tell you that the lovely Saint Etienne could (and did) record one of the saddest, most melancholy tune of the last decade, would you believe me? Well…the trio of Bob Stanley, Pete Wiggs, and Sarah Cracknell did exactly that. Taken from their 2005 album Tales From Turnpike House contained a song that will bring tears to your eyes–especially if you are of a certain age, and you are watching your delightful little neighborhood turning into something else, something unrecognizable. The song is, of course, immensely British; Americans might need to do a little googling to fully appreciate the depths that Ms. Cracknell brings to the song.

I can’t help also pointing out that it’s easily one of their best songs, either…

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